6 Workflow Tips to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Simple adjustments to your workflow can have a massive impact on your business by saving both time and money – studies show that if every member of a publishing team saves just 25 seconds per day the team’s overall output will double in three years.

But how do they do it? We consulted expert Kilian Schalk.

Matthew Ball #MyFavouriteMagazine

Matthew Ball is Group Art Director at Think Publishing in Scotland, and an avid cyclist. When he was a teenager, his Dad subscribed him to Bicycle magazine, opening up his world, inspiring him in his hobby and giving him an identity.

Aileen Scoular #MyFavouriteMagazine

Aileen Scoular is a freelance editor and writer who creates branded content for leading retailers, including Pets at Home and John Lewis, and membership organisations, such as National Trust for Scotland and Girlguiding. She is a passionate gardener and her favourite magazine is Gardens Illustrated. The visual content of this monthly magazine inspires, educates and entertains her in equal measure.