Feeling the love for Magazine Street

“Loved the positivity in the room. Stories of challenging yourself,
building communities and pushing creative boundaries.
Loads of inspiration to be drawn from brilliant speakers.”

Sorry, I don’t mean to shout but it was a pretty strong takeaway for me.”

Super inspired by the people who got through some really tough times and kept going anyway.
Life is too bloomin’ short.

“Creativity thrives within a sense of community.”

Magazine people are brilliant

“Just do it! The theme running through the event was to take the initiative to make things happen,
even in the face of adversity. Loved it.”

“Community is at the beating heart of everything we do.”

“Really great day making connections and listening to amazing stories and guidance from magazine industry professionals.”

“I loved discovering new to me magazines and hearing the stories behind them.”

“Really liked hearing from more experienced publishers and those nearer the start of their journey.”

“Fascinating talks from such a wide range of people in the industry. It was great to hear the different obstacles people face in their own sector and how they have overcome them – gave you great ideas to trial in your own area of publishing.”

“It was fascinating to see the behind the scenes complexity of publishing a cover across multiple international markets”

“My favourite thing was the networking (and I hate networking)”

“It was wonderful to finally getting back in a room with likeminded
people from across the industry.”

“The informality and the passion of the speakers – it was great”

“It was so great being around inspiring and like-minded people”

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