Media Resources

We’ve created a list of great sites to visit for information on the world of media and magazine publishing. Let us know if we missed any!

Bo Sacks

Visit Bo Sacks’ website.

Follow Bo Sacks on LinkedIn.

A blog with the latest publishing news from industry expert, Bo Sacks. Bo also has a free daily newsletter providing daily publishing news straight to your inbox. 


Visit Digiday’s website.

Follow Digiday on LinkedIn.

An online trade magazine for online media news. Digiday also offer a podcast discussing the latest media issues effecting business.


Visit FIPP’s website.

Follow FIPP on LinkedIn.

This international membership association for magazine media offers online media news content, along with a platform for you to connect with other industry members. FIPP also offer training programmes and regularly host industry events.


Visit InPublishing’s website.

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A bi-monthly magazine which produces online media news content, along with B2B media news content. InPublishing also has a podcast where host Ciar Byrne is joined by industry experts to discuss working in the publishing industry.


Visit magCulture’s website.

Follow MagCulture on LinkedIn.

MagCulture is a meeting place for all things magazine. The site allows you to buy magazines, get advice on making your own magazine, and find out about new ones. The Journal section of the site features interviews with those involved in making magazines and also news about the industry. There’s a podcast, a newsletter and frequent Instagram live sessions too.

Media Makers Meet (Mx3) 

Visit Media Makers Meet’s website.

Follow Mx3 on LinkedIn.

What’s New In Publishing is now Media Makers Meet (Mx3) – a global network fostering community and connection between media and tech creators. Still producing newsletters, interviews and reports such as the annual Media Moments, they also bring content that will link up media and tech colleagues.

Media Voices Podcast

Visit Media Voices’ website.

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A weekly media news podcast and daily newsletter which look at the latest news from across the media industry. The team are joined on the podcast by leading figures from media and publishing to discuss what they’re doing in their businesses.


Visit Poynter’s website.

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A non-profit journalism school and research organisation. Poynter’s site posts daily online news with up-to-date commentary on what’s happening in the US.


Visit the PPA’s website.

Follow PPA on LinkedIn.

The PPA represent around 250 companies, ranging from consumer magazine publishers to B2B data and information providers, customer magazine publishers and smaller independents. The PPA’s site has all the latest publishing news and provides resources to help with everything from getting a title published to finding a supplier.

Press Gazette 

Visit Press Gazette’s website.

Follow Press Gazette on LinkedIn.

Online news site covering stories daily as they happen. Press Gazette also cover publishing news from print, online, broadcast and B2B.  


Visit Reuters’ website.

Follow Reuters on LinkedIn.

The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism explores the future of journalism worldwide. Reuters’ online site has articles looking at journalism today and the problems facing it. The Reuters podcast explores the world of journalism, media and publishing.

Stack Magazines 

Visit Stack Magazines’ website.

Follow Stack Magazines on X/Twitter.

Stack Magazines features hundreds of independent magazines to browse and buy. Stack offer a subscription service giving you a different independent magazine every month.

International Magazine Centre Patrons can take advantage of an introductory magazine from their subscription service for £1/$1/€1 (normal price £7).

Student Publication Association (SPA)

Visit Student Publication Association’s website.

Follow SPA on LinkedIn.

Student Publication Association are a network who support student papers across the UK and Ireland. They run masterclasses, support training for members and host national conferences.

The Drum

Visit The Drum’s website.

Follow The Drum on LinkedIn.

A global media platform and the largest marketing website in Europe. The Drum shares daily news online from around the world and publishes a monthly magazine. They host live events, offer complete content marketing solutions, video production, and much more.

The Publisher Lab podcast

Visit the Publisher Lab podcast’s website.

The Publisher Lab podcast looks at important issues for online publishers. Hosts Tyler and Shelby give information on media tools such as SEO, site speed, ad earnings, content creation and more.

We Are Black Journos 

Visit We are Black Journos’ website.

Follow We Are Black Journos on LinkedIn.

We Are Black Journos is a platform celebrating and connecting Black journalists and those aspiring to work in broadcasting. Their Twitter page posts content daily connecting people through their work.

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