We’re working with our Academic Partners Edinburgh Napier University and Training Partners Fourth Estate Creative to deliver low-cost, digital, professional development courses for the international magazine publishing community.

21st Century Magazine Publishing will be delivered across four modules – three aimed at publishers on Audience, Content and Revenue, and a fourth aimed at students and new publishers on the Business of Magazines.

Each module will have a series of ten video lessons from interviews and events with international publishers (run by us), telling you what they’ve done, why they’ve done it and how you can learn from their experience.

Each module will be updated as new content becomes more relevant, meaning the course will change and continuously develop.

Get in touch if you’ve seen some amazing work from a publisher in any of these disciplines, or have work of your own that you think others could learn from.


The 21st Century Magazine Publishing course sets out to support established and aspiring magazine publishers by providing low-barrier-to-access training.

Sponsoring our Business of Magazines module means your company will play a major role in growing the industry and making it more accessible, in expanding young peoples’ interest into magazines, and in nurturing the next generation of aspiring publishers.

Each lesson will be sponsored to cover the cost of production – contact us today to find out more about our curriculum, our growing number of Distribution Partners and for a copy of our media pack.