Picture the scene as you arrive as a special guest for the opening of the International Magazine Centre, a hub of global excellence for magazines and magazine publishing.

Walking through the world’s most incredible magazine shop, it’s clear that this is a hub for excellence and innovation in magazines – not only benefiting industry but inspiring and connecting with consumers too. There’s magazines from the four corners of the globe and across the consumer and business-to-business markets; there’s traditional newsstand magazines alongside indies and niche titles; there’s digital tools for finding the right magazine for you.

Your exploration continues with a tour of the office space dedicated to publishers and affiliated industries. There’s entrepreneurial space for international publishers to use to expand their business into the UK, incubator space for start-ups, hot-desking for those on the move, and collaboration instigators with publishers working together across projects.

The Centre hosts magazine publishing training with a programme of vocational courses and CPD, spanning the professional market and tertiary sector. There’s a research hub with PhD students, fellowships and sabbaticals, tapping into the industry knowledge of resident publishers and visiting lecturers.

Moving through the Centre, you walk through the exhibition area, showcasing magazine archives and innovative new projects from around the world. There’s something for everyone – parts aimed at magazine geeks working in publishing, parts for a business audience focused on tech innovation in the sector, parts for a consumer audience coming to magazines with a fresh eye, ready to be inspired. And if you like what you see, you can buy the magazine or print it on demand.

Completing your journey in the International Magazine Centre’s bold and playful events space, your evening ends with captivating talks from some of the world’s most exciting magazine media speakers. And the talks have been live streamed through the broadcast centre, ready for you to re-live or share with other publishers.

Does that sound good? Would you like to be there for the launch?


Globally unique, the International Magazine Centre will connect international publishers, sharing expertise, creating jobs, supporting internationalisation, driving investment, attracting and nurturing talent, promoting magazine innovation, inspiring consumers and celebrating the wonderful world of magazines.

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