Laurie MacPherson

Laurie is a career mentor and LinkedIn trainer

And will be running a workshop on LinkedIn for you and your magazine

About Laurie

Laurie is a career wing woman who helps smart women to find the role that they love at the salary that they deserve. Since 2019, she has helped hundreds of women to find jobs that suited their lifestyle, paid them well and fitted with their purpose. 

To promote her work she started using LinkedIn back in 2018 and has built up a fun, friendly and supportive community there – yes, really!

She now teaches others to do the same to help them to connect with their ideal clients and partners. 

About Laurie’s workshop

LinkedIn for you and your magazine

Create a strategy to grow your network and advertising revenue on LinkedIn.

In this practical session, Laurie will show you how to use LinkedIn to attract your ideal advertisers, grow your personal brand and make some bold asks to help you to increase your reach and revenue.

Connect with Laurie

LinkedIn: Laurie MacPherson

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