M.T. O’Donnell

MT is the founder of Scotland Grows and the Scotland Grows Show podcast

And will be running a workshop on So you want to start a Podcast?

About M.T.

M.T. O’Donnell is the founder of Scotland Grows magazine and the Scotland Grows Show podcast, both PPA-nominated platforms dedicated to celebrating real gardening in Scotland.

The Scotland Grows Show, a top ten Apple podcast listened to in more than 60 countries worldwide, was launched to expand Scotland Grows’ multi-channel approach in line with contemporary media consumption trends, extending the relationship of the Scotland Grows audience with an audio experience that complements their magazine journey.

By combining the power of storytelling, expert insights, and community building, M.T. has ensured the Scotland Grows Show communicates and inspires across the Scottish gardening market.

As a successful podcast host and producer, M.T. consults on using podcasting as an effective marketing strategy, offering 1-2-1 and small group workshops, as well as speaking at events on the power of podcasting.

Podcasts currently account for 11% of daily time with audio and M.T. brings her wealth of knowledge to this year’s Magazine Street, where she’ll share insights on the benefits to magazine publishers of leveraging the reach of a podcast and the value this brings to your audience.

Connect with MT

LinkedIn: MT O’Donnell

Web: Scotland Grows

Podcast: Scotland Grows Show 

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