Adam Wilson #MyFavouriteMagazine

Adam Wilson, Deputy Creative Director at Whitespace, shares his favourite magazine – the film title Little White Lies. Adam works with video a lot and has treated this as a personal project, so production values are above and beyond!

Andy Cowles #MyFavouriteMagazine

Creative director, mentor and coach to the publishing industry, Andy Cowles, is an authority when it comes to magazines. So when he says his favourite magazine is The New Yorker, and that it’s the world’s greatest magazine, we’re inclined to agree. Here he talks about how The New Yorker accomplishes the magic trick of giving you a sense of who you could be – a state of mind, rather than it being about living in New York.

Dougal Marwick #MyFavouriteMagazine

Dougal Marwick, Creative at the independent graphic design studio, Touch, talks about his favourite magazine, Relax. Relax was a Japanese pop culture magazine in the late 1990’s – Dougal loves the design and production values, including inlaid flexi-disks, custom sticker sheets and gatefold posters.

Clare Harris #MyFavouriteMagazine

Clare Harris, Director of the Scottish Contemporary Art Network, talks about the feminist magazine Spare Rib, which was massively influential for the feminist movement in the 1970s. She found her copies in the Glasgow Women’s Library, a museum with all sorts of women’s history on its shelves.