Renata Parolari Fernandes #MyFavouriteMagazine

As the publisher at Five Star Trilogy, Renata Parolari Fernandes is passionate about magazines and design and, living in Cambridge in the UK, she’s lucky enough to have the incredible shop Magazine Heaven on her doorstep.

She talks about a few titles, but her favourite is the beautifully designed car magazine Magneto. Amazing features with breathtaking photography, advertising that sits well within the aesthetic, outstanding illustration and typography, wonderfully written – a real treat for any petrol head.

There’s also the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies’ magazine, Scenario, a visually striking title about future trends; The Unseasonal, an inspirational title about the human condition and human nature “Dedicated to the dreamers, the romantics, the good-hearted. The quiet, the loud, the fragile, the brave.” Next is Moon Man, a striking fashion, photography and architecture, design-led and a real coffee-table magazine; and finally Womankind magazine, an intelligent and meaningful magazine for women.

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