Amelia Dziedzic

Amelia is a graphic design graduate and publisher of Common

About Amelia

Amelia is a 2024 graduate from Edinburgh Napier University with a degree in Graphic Design and is an aspiring professional in the field. Throughout her studies, Amelia discovered a strong passion for publication design, which she has expressed through her final project, Common magazine. Amelia’s style is often inspired by nostalgia and cultural references, which captures personality and strikes up relatability. Now that she’s recently graduated Amelia is excited to fully enter the world of graphic design, share her journey, explore her future aspirations, and talk about the evolution of publication design in a digital world.

About Common

Common is a magazine inspired by the connections created through the simple act of playing cards. Founded on the belief that card games have a unique power to bring people together, common features articles that explore shared experiences, culture, personal growth, Edinburgh and hobbies – especially card games. We celebrate the ordinary aspects of life and the commonalities that we share. Common was created for a University final year project, where its first edition was filled with articles from local writers. After receiving a great reception Common is on the path to become a fully-fledged, real-world publication.

Connect with Amelia

LinkedIn: Amelia Dziedzic

Web: Common

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