Eloise Leeson

Eloise is a linguist and the Founder of Olim

And will be speaking about How reader inspiration is the key to unlocking your legacy

About Eloise

Stumbling across Linguistics at University in 2008, Eloise Leeson quickly found herself hooked. Hurling her previous degree subjects out the window, she pursued her new focus with a slightly worrying passion.

Obsessed with sociolinguistics, connection, and helping people to really engage meaningfully with one another, Eloise has had a career in the truest sense of the word.

In 2019, Eloise founded Olim, and works with companies around the world to close the gap between what they think they’re saying, and what is actually being received by their customers.

When she’s not researching, reading, or talking about talking, you can find her weightlifting, hanging out with her husband, and perfecting her spicy margarita. 

About Olim

Olim was created out of a passion to connect people.

With a focus on data-driven communications decisions, language consciousness and critical discourse analysis, Olim exists to help businesses around the world to better engage audiences of all kinds.

From public sector bodies to UN agencies to private companies such as Experian and Capgemini, Olim works to raise the bar for communications inside and outside the business, for happier staff, excited customers, and a better bottom line. 

Connect with Eloise

LinkedIn: Eloise Leeson

Web: Olim

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