Steve Price

Steve is an subscriptions growth and recurring revenue consultant

And will be talking about Don’t reinvent the wheel – 10 subscriptions ideas you can borrow from big publishers

About Steve

Steve Price is an independent consultant and Business Partner at the subscriptions specialists, Atlas. He specialises in subscription marketing, forecasting, training and digital transformation, providing strategic planning and interim CMO/CCO services to a wide range of recurring revenue businesses.

Steve has held senior roles at Hearst, Dennis, Future and most recently was Subscriptions Trading Director at The Telegraph. As a consultant, he provides strategic growth planning to numerous media companies including Immediate Media, New Scientist and DMGT.

A highly skilled subscriptions practitioner, Steve supports senior management develop their long term roadmaps and then guides, trains and develops the skills, knowledge and self-belief of their teams to empower them to deliver the business ambitions.

Connect with Steve

LinkedIn: Steve Price

Web: Atlas

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