Advertising Effectiveness Research

The International Magazine Centre offers tailored surveys to assess the effectiveness of your advertising in print.

We talk to your readers about the advertising they’ve seen, and measure their effectiveness based on metrics for recall, recognition, engagement and action.

Advertisers want clear metrics to evaluate their return on marketing investment. Our Advertising Effectiveness surveys provide you with a clear reporting structure for print advertising to present to your clients, or for use internally.

Surveys can be conducted with your current subscribers, or with our external panel partner.

Full price cost:

Surveys cost £300, plus £3.60 per person if using our external panel, rather than your own subscribers.

For example, a survey conducted with 200 completed responses from our external panel, costs:
£300 + £720 (£3.60 x 200) = £1,020.

We require a minimum of 50 people to be surveyed but recommend using a panel of 100 people to gather robust data.

Please note, the International Magazine Centre is not VAT registered.

The cost to Patrons:

As part of our Patron benefits for businesses, we offer one free survey, based on 50 completed surveys using an external panel, or on an unlimited number of your own subscribers. When using the external panel, this is subject to achieving the minimum number of required responses. 

We also offer Business Patrons a 10% discount for subsequent surveys.

This applies to the initial cost only, with the cost per person for the external panel remaining the same. i.e. Surveys for Business Patrons cost £270, plus £3.60 per person if using the external panel, rather than subscribers.

For further information regarding pricing structures, add-ons and recommendations on panelist incentives, please contact director Nikki Simpson.

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