Newspaper Club

Newspaper Club is there to help you make and print a newspaper. They give you the tools to turn whatever you want into newsprint, quickly and easily – including bags of inspiration to do so. Patron discount International Magazine Centre Patrons receive a 10% discount up to £100 – just email them to talk over […]

Ikon Images

Ikon Images is a curated stock illustration platform providing access to some of the world’s most talented illustrators.

SEO Services

The International Magazine Centre provides SEO, Content Marketing and Backlink Audits for publishing businesses. Content Marketing and Backlink Audit Do you know what content you should be writing? Discover keywords that bring in more clients, create blog topics that boost your SEO, and find out how your blog posts perform in Google. Accelerate traffic to […]

Advertising Effectiveness Research

The International Magazine Centre offers tailored surveys to assess the effectiveness of your advertising in print. We talk to your readers about the advertising they’ve seen, and measure their effectiveness based on metrics for recall, recognition, engagement and action. Advertisers want clear metrics to evaluate their return on marketing investment. Our Advertising Effectiveness surveys provide […]

Fourth Estate Creative

Fourth Estate Creative is a content creation company working across print, digital, web and video, and the International Magazine Centre’s Training Partner.