Six Workflow Tips to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Simple adjustments to your workflow can have a massive impact on your business by saving both time and money – studies show that if every member of a publishing team saves just 25 seconds per day the team’s overall output will double in three years.

But how do they do it? We consulted expert Kilian Schalk.

Zines: What are they? Why are they important? And how do you create one?

Eilidh Sawyers is a Publishing (MSc) student and aspiring magazine editor with a passion for food, crafting, and print. You can connect with her on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The term “zine” is hard to define. The more I have learned about them, the more I believe that is part of their charm. Zines […]

Guest Newsletter – Anna Keirstan

Once a month we invite our Patrons, magazine publishers and enthusiasts to guest-edit our fortnightly email newsletter.

This month our guest editor is Anna Kierstan who is an editor, content consultant and co-founder of  The Content Room.

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