Christy Page

What do you do for a living?

I am the Sponsorship & Operations Director for Mequoda Publishing Network whose publications include Food Gardening Network, GreenPrints, I Like Knitting, I Like Crochet, and We Like Sewing.

What does that mean day-to-day?

I am the first point of contact for business partners including sponsors, affiliates, and publishers. I also serves as Editor-in-Chief of Mequoda Daily. My goal is to increase the reach of our publications and work on cross-collaborating with out writers, magazines, and publishers.

What do you love about magazines?

I love being able to reach on a variety of topics and get so many different viewpoints. 

Tell us one thing not many people know about you?

I love to travel, but what may sound strange is that I love the planning almost as much as the going. I start planning typically two years ahead of time so that I can research and map everything out.

Where can we connect with you?

I can be reached via LinkedIn and by email at

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