Classic Dirt Bike

Available in: All Territories
Size of UK market sector (newsstand only): £2,800,000
Offered as part of license: Content, template, brand, website
Content: Available for syndication

Welcome to Classic Dirt Bike, where we celebrate the best in older off-road motorcycles and showcase those who ride them… both now and back in the day. Each edition features news and reviews on everything from pre-65 to Twinshock and Evo in trials, scrambles, enduro and motocross. Off-road events from across the UK, and further afield, are given full coverage and legendary riders are interviewed, too. All of this is illustrated with photographs of classic machines in action – both from newly taken and from the famous Mortons Archive. Workshop guides are part of the package as well, with technical features also offering advice on how to get the best from your bike.

View the PDF version of Classic Dirt Bike here.

Interested in publishing Classic Dirt Bike in your territory? Contact International Magazine Centre Director Nikki Simpson for an introduction.

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