The #MyFavouriteMagazine project is a video series recorded by magazine readers and makers, talking about the titles they love and how they’ve been influenced by them.  

Brendan MacNeill’s talks about Nova magazine

It started out as a means to celebrate magazine publishing and to stay connected to people during lockdown, but it’s become a source of inspiration for us all – sometimes informative, often funny, always passionate. 

If you’d like to record your own video on your favourite magazine, we’re looking for around 2 minutes – 1 minute telling us about yourself and what magazines mean to you, and 1 minute about the magazine. 

Production values can be from whatever you have access to – we’ve had mini-movies and we’ve had unedited straight from a mobile phone. We don’t mind – we’re just looking for passion and a way to spread the magazine-love.

Check out some of the many #MyFavouriteMagazine videos now up on our YouTube channel and subscribe for more.

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