Anna Bassi

Anna is the Editorial Director of The Week Junior

And talked about The Decline at Nine

About Anna

Anna is a BSME award-winning editor with over 25 years’ experience in creating content for children. As launch editor of The Week Junior, she and her team have changed the face of children’s media, feeding their young audience’s appetite for information, inspiring a love of reading and learning and proving that print isn’t dead after all. She has led a number of successful brand extensions including the monthly magazine TWJ Science+Nature, podcasts, events and The Week Junior’s US launch in spring 2020.

About Anna’s Talk

By age nine most children can read, but not all of them want to. So what’s causing them to lose interest in reading and how can magazines help turn the tide? Anna will reveal how The Week Junior taps into children’s natural curiosity, encourages their appetite for information and helps build a reading habit for life. 

Connect with Anna

LinkedIn: Anna Bassi

Web: weekjunior.co.uk

Twitter: @mrsb_dda

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