Alex Longson

Alex is the co-founder of Command+i

And talked about Command+i

About Alex

After graduating with an MA (Hons) in Geography from the University of St Andrews, Alex spent two years as Art Director at CombiniCo, a minimal Korean food design brand that he co- founded in 2017. He met Cameron 7 years ago and has been working with him closely on artistic projects ever since.

About the talk

Command+i is a magazine that explores the natural world through colour combinations. It draws inspiration from evocative portraits of locations and curates unique palettes that can be used by a range of designers to inform their work, from graphic and interior to product and fashion. 

As well as showcasing the depth of the natural colour-scape, Command+i also adds a rich geological context to each location and recommends simple, practical travel cues.

Through a bi-annual print issue that focuses on a particular country, an immersive website, a weekly newsletter and social media platforms, Command+i aims to bring together a community of design-lovers at the exciting crossroads of travel + lifestyle, photography + design, nature + curation.

Connect with Cameron & Alex

LinkedIn: Cameron Prentice

Web: commandplusi.com

Twitter: @commandplusi

Instagram: @commandplusi

Facebook: Command+i

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