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Chris is the founder of The Chritical Magazine

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About Chris

Chris – an incoming 4th year Multimedia Journalism undergraduate – started The Chritical Magazine in January with a broad but clear vision: creating a space where anyone with reasonable opinions could share them, regardless of socio-political affiliation. All done respectfully, ethically, and morally. 

The way a thought is reaches people more than the actual thought. But only if people are willing to listen, keeping in mind that understanding a viewpoint does not necessarily mean supporting or agreeing to it. 

The publication features people from any side of the social and political spectrum, as well as writers living in different parts of the world and with various lived experiences. They want to represent the opinions of the multifaceted society and recognise that perspectives are not always black and white, they can also be grey, or a pale yellow.

“To think is to be human.”

Connect with Chris

LinkedIn: Chris Opoku

Web: thechriticalmagazine.com

Twitter: @copokuaf, @thechritical

Instagram: @copokuaf, @chriticalmagazine

Facebook: The Chritical Magazine

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