Eryk Sawicki

Eric is the Founder of Filmmakers Without Cameras zine

And will be talking about Launching a magazine with kindness

About Filmmakers Without Cameras

Filmmakers Without Cameras is a misnomer. It’s not a zine just about or for filmmakers; it’s a love letter to films and video games, written by people whose passions lie beyond film and video games.

Eryk took the “write what you know” mantra to heart: he graduated from film school and a few years later secured a Master’s in digital humanities. Filmmakers Without Cameras is a way of embracing the multitudes everyone contains by encouraging people who don’t write to write about their own perspectives.

What started as a lockdown project to stave the boredom away became a 4-person publishing co-operative, helping writers, illustrators, independent creators, and other such creatives get their first credits in a print publication. 

Connect with Eryk

LinkedIn: Eryk Sawicki

Twitter: @peregrine_coast

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