Karen Slade

Karen is the Director of Socially Talking

And will be running a workshop on Small Budget, Big Impact: Master Meta Ads for Your Magazine

About Karen

Hey there! I’m Karen, and I’ve been in the digital marketing space for more than 20 years. I’ve worked with giants like Nestlé, helped SMEs thrive, and even built my own e-commerce business from scratch.

Now, I’m all about empowering small businesses to level up their advertising game and stand tall against bigger competitors without the hefty price tag.

About Karen’s workshop

I get it – you’re juggling a ton of responsibilities, and Meta ads can seem overwhelming. But here’s the truth: mastering Meta ads isn’t as complex as it seems, and it’s a skill you can definitely learn. In my session, I’ll provide practical, straightforward advice that you can immediately put to use.

Ready to see how Meta Ads can elevate your magazine without breaking the bank? Join me for a fun and engaging workshop where I’ll share my digital marketing expertise. You’ll learn how to

  • design impactful ad campaigns
  • target the right audience
  • optimise your budget

Whether you’re just starting or refining your approach, this workshop will give you the actionable insights you need to boost your magazine’s online presence through smart paid social tactics.

Connect with Karen

LinkedIn: Karen Slade

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