Kirstie Beaven

Kirstie is the Founder and Editor of Sonshine Magazine

And will be talking about The Positive Power of Getting Pissed Off

About Kirstie’s talk: The Positive Power of Getting Pissed Off

There’s now a received wisdom that you need to ‘build an audience on social media’ before you can make meaningful sales of your publication or even get it visible. But what does that mean in a world where algorithms consistently favour content that makes us angry, upset or outraged? Do we have to get ever more extreme to find the mythical audience we all want to reach?

Kirstie will explore why starting a magazine was actually the antidote to the hair-trigger responses of social media, and how taking a balanced and positive approach with time to read, reflect and digest at your leisure can still create social change, as well as growth and sales! 

About Kirstie

Kirstie is founder and editor of Sonshine Magazine: Raising Boys for a More Equal World.

After 15 years creating in-house print and digital resources for a national museum, she branched out into the world of magazine production in 2020 in a pandemic-induced wave of positivity and hasn’t looked back. 

Sonshine is an 80-page print and digital quarterly, for parents who want to change the way we talk to and about their sons, to create a better society for all children. It’s currently stocked and sold worldwide in boutique and specialist retailers… just don’t call a magazine talking about raising boys a niche publication.

Connect with Kirstie

LinkedIn: Kirstie Beaven

Instagram: @sonshinemagazine

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