Olivia Crellin

Olivia is CEO at PressPad

And will be talking about Social mobility in media

About Olivia

As a journalist and filmmaker, my passion has always been to make the world a fairer place and in 2018, this channelled itself into the launch of PressPad.

PressPad is an award-winning social enterprise with a mission to lower the financial barrier of entry into journalism and give more people a better chance at excelling in the media industry, regardless of their socio-economic background. Our aim is to rewire networks and eradicate bias within the media industry by helping to create and shape a job market where success is truly based on ability, not on background or means.

PressPad works by linking young aspiring journalists with work experience placements in London, and other UK cities, with experienced media professionals who can offer them a spare room and some mentoring advice. We provide mentoring, networking and accommodation all rolled into one – “Airbnb meets LinkedIn” with a social cause at heart.

We’re currently in the process of building a marketplace website that will facilitate this work placement / host-mentorship matching process. As such, we are looking to collaborate with the following people:

  • Managing Editors interested in attracting diverse candidates for their entry-level workforce
  • Established media professionals to assist with mentoring and hosting
  • Media companies who need assistance recruiting for their own internships, fellowships and entry-level job opportunities
  • Angel investors interested in investing in a concept with a proven impact business model and a ready-to-go Covid-proof MVP marketplace website.

Connect with Olivia

LinkedIn: Olivia Crellin

Website: Olivia Crellin

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