Peter Houston

Peter is a publishing consultant and co-host of the Media Voices Podcast

And will be running a workshop on Good ideas never die: How to breathe new life into an old brand

About Peter

Peter Houston believes every magazine publisher can survive and thrive in the digital economy. He equips leaders at SME publishers to identify and capitalise on new opportunities, providing context, inspiration and actionable advice through a weekly newsletter, online training courses and executive coaching. Peter is co-host of the Media Voices podcast and writes regularly about publishing, with by-lines in The New Statesman, The Drum and What’s New InPublishing. Peter is also co-founder of the Publisher Podcast Awards, recognizing leading podcasters from the world of magazines and newspapers.

About Peter’s Workshop

Remember The Magazine Diaries? Media consultant Peter Houston shares what he has learned from his experiments with the ten-year-old brand, demonstrating how he is using newsletters, podcasts, and online training to breathe new life into an old idea.

Connect with Peter

LinkedIn: Peter Houston


Twitter: @Flipping_Pages

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