Dougal Marwick #MyFavouriteMagazine

Dougal Marwick, Creative at the independent graphic design studio, Touch, talks about his favourite magazine, Relax. Relax was a Japanese pop culture magazine in the late 1990’s – Dougal loves the design and production values, including inlaid flexi-disks, custom sticker sheets and gatefold posters.

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As Dougal said, copies of Relax are very rare today. Here are some copies that I managed to find: Supreme Relax Magazine from 2000, Relax Magazine Issue 08 2000, Relax Magazine Issue 44 Oct 2000, and June 2000 Relax Magazine.

However, I can’t imagine that these magazines will be available for very long! If they’ve all sold out by the time you’re reading this, here’s a digital copy that I managed to find.

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