Kirsty Waite Business Coach

We worked with Kirsty in 2021 on her inaugural Aligned for Success group coaching programme, and it transformed the International Magazine Centre. The way we perceive ourselves, our strategy for marketing, funding, processes, our vision, the customer journey, you name it – every single thing has shifted either slightly or in a huge way.

We can’t recommend her highly enough!

Join Kirsty Waite to discuss exactly what it means to build your business with intention and how feeling impactful can drive your business forward.

Patron Discount

International Magazine Patrons receive a 60 minute 1:1 session with Kirsty, valued at £249, free of charge, when signing up to any programme or cohort.

Why you should choose Kirsty Waite, Business Coach

We had a chat with Kirsty on her passion for coaching and how she can help to transform your business:

I think what I genuinely love about it is being able to move people to where they want to be, quicker than they could ever get there themselves. Also changing their perspective and mindset of themselves, their business, and how that really transforms their own happiness, their family’s happiness – and the kind of impact that has!

Every single client I work with undergoes significant changes in their business. They come to me completely overwhelmed, not really sure what they need, they just know they desperately need some help in the business. And they leave flourishing on the other side of it, being really positive about the future and the outcome. 

I don’t see it as just one stream, like I’m going in to fix something, I see it as a future proofing of their business, because once I’ve coached somebody they have a different perspective and a different mindset.

Then they can recreate that for themselves, or they’ll think differently, or they’ll be a little bit more curious, or they’ll just look at something completely different and see a solution, whereas before they would have just seen a problem.

Free resources

Looking for clarity or feeling a little stuck in your business – Kirsty has some free resources that can help you on your way! 

Transformational programme

For those who are serious about creating a BIG impact in their business. The ambitious action takers looking for level support!

This intensive VIP coaching package is for the ambitious, action-taking, service-based business owner who is ready to go ALL-IN with their business!

  • Initial 90min deep-dive strategy session
  • Weekly accountability support
  • 2 x 60min personal coaching sessions per month
  • Voice note support via WhatsApp
  • Joint private working space
  • Access to my Aligned for Success online programme resources
  • 1 x 60min reflection session at the end of our time together 

Group Coaching Programme

Supercharge your business with this group programme – specifically for small and micro-sized business owners. A safe, empowering space where you can say goodbye to feeling alone and hello to catapulting your business growth. Kirsty Waite and The Ethical Coaching Company are proud to partner with the incredible UMi to make this programme as accessible as possible – support when you need it.

The Ethical Coaching Company

Kirsty is also the Founder and Owner of The Ethical Coaching Company. Removing the smoke and mirrors associated with the Business Coaching industry and creating safe, impactful coaching experiences is at the forefront of Kirsty’s work – she truly believes in the power of coaching and knows first-hand the difference it can make to the success of a business.

Making powerful coaching accessible from trusted, accredited, and qualified coaches is the driving force behind The Ethical Coaching Company – Changing the reputation of the coaching industry one conversation at a time!

Take a look at Kirsty Waite’s website to find out more or to join one of her Business Coaching Programmes.

Follow Kirsty on Instagram for posts that will motivate you to drive your business with intention, or connect with her on LinkedIn and begin changing your business for the better.

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