Mocono is a cutting-edge software plugin that offers a seamless solution for publishers looking to implement digital subscription-based models.

It integrates directly into publishers’ websites, enabling you to set up paywalls, manage memberships, and monitor subscriber activities through an intuitive dashboard.

The tool is designed to boost revenue streams by allowing you to tailor your subscription offers, including trials, discounts, and multiple membership tiers.

Why choose Mocono

Mocono provides a powerful yet user-friendly platform for publishers to navigate the complexities of digital subscription management, and to maximise revenue streams.

  • Mocono allows you to send customised emails to subscribers – pivotal in reducing churn and boosting engagement. Tailor your automated customer messaging to your brand, so no subscriber is ever left in the dark about when payment is due, or the need to update their card details, or getting hold of receipts for their subscriptions.
  • The dashboard analytics feature offers real-time insight into subscription metrics including sign-ups, revenue generation, and user engagement levels. These data points enable you to optimise your content and your marketing strategy to meet your audience needs.
  • Migration to Mocono’s system is free – their support team will help with the process step-by-step if you need to move away from another platform or provider, and the import wizard in Mocono’s dashboard allows any number of users to be imported, hassle-free.
  • If you have bespoke integration requirements or custom feature requests, Mocono can offer one-time paid services to achieve your specific requirements.

Setting up Mocono for your magazine

The off-the-shelf version of Mocono carries no onboarding cost at all.

The installation of Mocono is straightforward, requiring no coding skills, making it accessible for publishers of all sizes.

Once installed, it provides a robust set of features to enhance user experience and retention. You can customise the appearance and feel of your paywalls to match your brand identity, creating a cohesive user experience that aligns with your site design.

Pricing model

Mocono connects to your Stripe account as the underlying payment processor, ensuring industry-best payment security and reliability. This also means that your revenue is under your control – Mocono does not hold your revenue in escrow or make any direct deductions from it. Instead Mocono charges you in the same way as any other online service – a monthly bill.

For the pricing model, Mocono adopts a small platform-fee + revenue-sharing model, which aligns its success with that of the publishers using its services. This approach ensures that Mocono is committed to continually enhancing its features and support to maximize the revenue potential of its clients.

Find out more

For more detailed information about Mocono and its features, visit their website at, or connect with the International Magazine Centre’s dedicated publisher manager, Michael Northcott at, or on 020 8064 1624.

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