Jodie Newman

Jodie is the founder of The Business Allotment

And will be running a workshop on Reaching new Readers – using your superpowers to market your magazine

About Jodie and The Business Allotment

The Business Allotment is the place where businesses grow, creatively. 

The Allotment is where business owners come to find creative strategies for growth, great ideas to create fresh, practical approaches to their business challenges and where Jodie helps them move from ‘business as usual’ thinking to ‘business as unusual’ thinking. 

In the Allotment are the Business Sheds, a monthly growth club; Cultivator sessions for focused, 121 creative business sessions; and of course the Greenhouse, where great ideas grow. 

The Allotment is run by Jodie Newman. From her furniture design MA at the RCA, to a decade spent in marketing, Jodie has built her business for the last twenty years on the belief that great ideas grow businesses and that creativity makes you a better business owner. Just ask her about how Polo mints can make you more creative. 

Connect with Jodie

LinkedIn: Jodie Newman

Web: The Business Allotment

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