Kilian Schalk

Kilian is a master of workflow

And will be talking about The Possibility of Experimentation

Training with Kilian

Kilian runs a bespoke training course for the International Magazine Centre, The Change Agenda.

This is a short programme for magazine teams seeking a strategy and structured implementation plan to keep up with today’s readers.

Find out more and book your places here.

About Kilian

Kilian began his career as the youngest production manager in Rolling Stone history, then moved on to Technical Director of Digital Products for The New Yorker.

In that capacity, he oversaw the transformation of the production department from print-focused cost centre in 1999 to digital-based profit centre in 2011 ($5 million in new annual revenue by 2014) and led the expansion of the magazine from a single weekly print issue to seven digital editions (web, Kindle, archive, Nook, Audible, syndication, iPad) plus print. Most importantly, he did it all using existing staff resources and without creating burn-out. The New Yorker has since continued this seamless expansion into podcasts, radio and video.

As Managing Editor for Editorial Development at Condé Nast, he designed and implemented Lean-based Continuous Improvement programmes for more than 20 magazines and departments that led to improved productivity, reduced time to market, diversified employee skill sets, and increased profitability.

He enabled individual groups to save $500k in six months without cutting staff , reduce average delivery from fifteen to seven business days with no additional costs, and double team output over three months without requiring overtime.

What Kilian doesn’t know about workflow and how to improve it isn’t worth knowing.

Connect with Kilian

Twitter: Purple Gray

LinkedIn: Kilian Schalk

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