Patron Profile – Rachel Arthur

What do you do for a living? I run boom saloon, a global movement to democratise creativity for good via print magazine, community projects and creative studio.  What does that mean day-to-day? The whole kit and caboodle! Streamlining is a big focus for us in 2022, however we can’t lose sight of any facet of boom saloon – […]

Event: Patron Away Day – 12 & 13 May

We’re heading off to the Peak District for a Patron Away Day – a half day’s conference and residential to take time out to work on your business, connect with other people working in publishing, and blow the cobwebs away.

Puzzler Media Solutions

Audience engagement, retention and revenue through puzzles Want to increase audience engagement with your magazine – in print and online – while generating first-party data and revenue? The International Magazine Centre loves Puzzler Media’s offering – not only for the incredible stats around data generation, increasing engagement, and for generating revenue – but also because […]